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In this voxel based take on the classic playstyle of ARK, build your own base, tame dinosaurs, explore dangerous & exciting worlds, all will be included in your adventures in PixArk!


Rust is all about surviving. Everything in the environment wants to kill you. The only thing you have to your name is a rock. Are you able to outsmart your enemies?


Start playing on your very own Unturned Server quickly and easily. Stable hosting and up to 24 player slots, you can enjoy your Unturned Server with all of your friends!


Explore the world of Terraria with your friends. Instant setup and 99.9% uptime. Begin your pixel adventure with your friends now! Click below!

Project Zomboid

In Project Zomboid the world has been taken over by zombies and you have to survive! Obtain equipment by looting, but be aware, if you get even the slightest scratch it's game over!


Starbound is all about space exploration. Explore different galaxies, Travel between different planets, claim resources and take on jobs to earn a living. Start your Starbound adventure today on GSK!

Included with all Gameservers

Reliable Uptime


Our servers are hosted in a powerful and versatile infrastructure allowing us to provide you with reliable uptime and scalablity. DDoS Protection Included.

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We offer servers in several continents throughout the world including:

North America, Europe

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