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In this voxel based take on the classic playstyle of ARK, build your own base, tame dinosaurs, explore dangerous & exciting worlds, all will be included in your adventures in PixArk!


Rust is all about surviving. Everything in the environment wants to kill you. The only thing you have to your name is a rock. Are you able to outsmart your enemies?


Start playing on your very own Unturned Server quickly and easily. Stable hosting and up to 24 player slots, you can enjoy your Unturned Server with all of your friends!


Explore the world of Terraria with your friends. Instant setup and 99.9% uptime. Begin your pixel adventure with your friends now! Click below!

Project Zomboid

In Project Zomboid the world has been taken over by zombies and you have to survive! Obtain equipment by looting, but be aware, if you get even the slightest scratch it's game over!


Starbound is all about space exploration. Explore different galaxies, Travel between different planets, claim resources and take on jobs to earn a living. Start your Starbound adventure today on GSK!

Counter Strike Source

In CS:S the role of either a Counter Terrorist or Terrorist falls to you. Team based or Free for all, Counter Strike Source promises hours of gun fueled action!


Gather resources, build factories, gather even more resources, become an industrial mega power. You'll need these resources to build the spaceship to bring you back home! Play Factorio today, press below!


Team Fortress 2 is a FPS game, the main goal is to crush your enemies. There are 9 different classes, each with different abilities. Are you ready for this battle?


Build your own base, tame a T-Rex, build cannons, ride raptors, exploring dangerous and exciting worlds, all will be included in your adventures in Ark. Play instantly with your friends just by placing an order.


Gmod is a physics sandbox , you can create scenarios, based on content from your favorite games like Half Life 2, Counter Strike Source and many other games can be combined into custom levels and more!


Avorion is a next generation voxel space simulator, build your ships from a single block or have an entire fleet under your control, build space stations and conquer the galaxy.

Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2 is zed fueled shooter, take the place on an elite soldier in combating an outbreak brought about by a nefarious corporation!


Instantly set up your very own Minecraft Server loaded with tons of plugins and features. You can customize the map and modes to your liking.

Space Engineers

Space Engineers is a voxel based massive space sandbox, you can build ships, land on planets, colonize planets, mine asteroids, and much much more!

7 Days To Die

Take on the 7 Days To Die zombie horde quickly and easily, with stable hosting and lag free servers, you can have up to 40 players per server to join the fight!

Reign Of Kings

Taking place in a medieval era, take on the role of a young upstart trying to seize control of the kingdom! Mine resources, build bases, trade with other players and become the king of all!