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How To Use A Single Player World On Your SE Server

Now that you've purchased your Space Engineers server, we know you'll want to hop into the game as soon as possible. In the case you have a world saved on your local pc, this guide will show you how to upload it to your server purchased via GSK. The process is rather simple, and there are many benefits to uploading a world from your local computer.


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What are the benefits?

For one, the world saves uploaded via your local pc will retain all changes made to them via your game client. For example, if you wish to add workshop mods to your game client, all you need to do is subscribe to them on the steam workshop. They'll then be found within your game client. Once you add them to your world via the in-game menu, you'll be able to transfer your server with your mods seamlessly. While you can already add mods, this method of adding mods to your server is quick, easy, and simple. 

Space Engineers is a game which is currently undergoing an alpha. You can expect certain updates to change the way the game works fundamentally. This is why we currently put assets into making guides and offering customer support for Space Engineers servers, opposed to building a plugin connecting the back end of Space Engineers to the front end of your User Panel. Because of this, if there is an update which breaks code formatting and makes your world unreadable, you should be able to take your multiplayer world, upload it to your local world folder, and your files should become readable again after an update or validation install of Space Engineers.

How to find your local save file

To do this, it's easy enough. First, you must find your save file on your local pc. To do this, press windows key + R to open your "run" program and type %appdata% to bring you to your C:Users/YourName/AppData/Roaming folder which contains most temporary/edited data found for program files. From here, go to SpaceEngineers, then Saves. Within you will see a file named as the world name then the date last ran. For example, Dead Drop Arena 2018-09-21 20-16. Take this file, and make a copy of it onto your desktop. You may change it to anything you want, but be aware that this name can be seen publicly. Lastly, using an FTP client open your server's file system.

How to upload and configure your local save file

Within your FTP Client, upload your world save folder to the folder /WORLD/Saves. Next, within your TCAdmin User Panel, go to Configuration Files. Open your SpaceEngineers-Dedicated.cfg file with your Configuration Editor. An error message may appear, currently, we're aware of this bug and we're working to get rid of it. In the case you see this error message, just press "OK" and continue on. Next, change the "World Name" option to the name of your save folder which you just uploaded, ignore all other settings as they will be loaded from your world. Press Save.

Now that you've configured your world to work, go back to your TCAdmin User Panel, and click "Restart" to restart your server. Your server will now be running with your local save as your multiplayer world. If you need help with this process, please do not hesitate to contact us via support ticket. Thank you!

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