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How To Create A User Account | Starbound

You may want to manually create a user account on your Starbound server for a variety of reasons. For example, if you're a YouTuber and you want to do a quickplay on your public server with certain permissions allowed to you and only you. Well, creating a private user account will allow you to do exactly that. Let's find out how to set it up.


Management Panel

The first step is to log into your GameServerKings Server Management Panel by logging in with your TCAdmin login information provided to you within your verification email. Then, go to "Game Services" located in the navbar on the left hand side of the screen nested under "Game & Voice Management." Now select your File Manager.

Server Management Panel

Editing the Configs

Once there, locate the file "starbound_server.config", found by clicking on the "Storage" folder. Now click on the type marker button next to the file "starbound_server.config". When it asks you what you want to change the name of the file to, just add ".txt" to the end of the file name. We do this to make it a text file so it's easier to edit. Now you'll be able to edit it by clicking the pencil next to the, now titled, "starbound_server.config.txt" file.

Rename your file!

Now, scroll to the bottom of your text editor and locate the "serverUsers" section. Alternatively, you can use Ctrl+F to enter "serverUsers" and jump to the correct section. Now we're going to add a username for an account. Add "admin: false," then, "password: "Your new password"" Exactly as seen below.

 "user name" : {
      "admin" : false,
      "password" : "user's password"

Here, you can see an example on my server. As you can see, I also have an admin account on top.

Admin account

From there, save the file, and once again, rename it. This time, remove the ".txt" extension to return the file to the original "starbound_server.config" state. Finally, return to "Game Services" using the navbar and restart your server. You can now login with your new account on your Starbound Server.