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How to get Players on your Starbound Server

How to get your first players

Now that you have a Starbound Server, you probably want to get some players, right? Right. Getting players to your server is easy through free advertisments on toplists. We'll walk you through the process.
First, you'll need to find a server list to advertise on:
    1. Search in Google for "Starbound Server list".
    2. Pick one of them. We recommend using: https://starbound-servers.net/
    3. These sites will generally require you to sign up. Find a register a button and set up your account.
    4. To find your IP, Query Port and Port go to the Client Area: https://www.gameserverkings.com/client-area/
    5. Players will now be able to find your server from the server list. The more votes you obtain, the higher on the list you will rank. 
Some extra tips:
  • Don't underestimate word of mouth, ask your players to invite their friends
  • Add rewards for voting so players have an incentive to help
  • Create a banner for your server, it will help your server stand out on the list
  • Create a website to show off your features and communicate better with your players