About GameServerKings

Gaming is something that we take pride in, we created GameserverKings to make hosting your gameserver fast, easy, at industry best prices, all while providing amazing customer support.

We serve our customers with staff located all over the globe, that way we can provide premier support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Why us?

At Gameserverkings.com we strive to provide the best experience possible when it comes to gameserver hosting and management. We have a dedicated engineering & research team working constantly toward new and innovative technologies aimed at making running your gameserver less about technical configuration, and more about playing the game.

Our game server hosting equipment is selected and curated by our dedicated team of GameserverKing Engineers, we use the best equipment for each individual gameserver type to insure the best playability from day 1, this makes sure you always have the most lag free and seamless experience possible.

We are full circle, meaning when it comes to running a game server, or more often than not your own gaming community, it helps to have a partner that offers all services needed, with that in mind we offer many services such as web hosting, domain name registration, MySQL services, remote MySQL Access, CPanel access, and more! These services listed are often required by more advanced plugins and mods, at gameserverkings.com we offer it all in one place.

With Gameserverkings you can opt to pay per month, we offer a discount for quarterly and so on time commitments.

With month to month pay you can always leave us, should you not be satisfied with the services we provide, as there is no contract lock in. In fact, there are no contracts at all.