About GameServerKings!

GameserverKings was founded in January 2018 to address the issue of low quality gameserver hosting services, high prices and bad customer support.

We have support staff all over the globe to provide you with truly great support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Why use GameserverKings?

At GameserverKings we never compromise on quality, which is why we make use of the great TCAdmin control panel.

We get our equipment in bulk, which allows us to save prices. Unlike other companies, we like to pass those savings on to you, our customer, which shows because we're significantly cheaper.

We're always monitoring the latest in hardware and software technology, as soon as we can get better hardware making your experience better, we will absolutely do so and at no additional cost to you. Once you sign up with us your price will stay the same, or become lower.

With Gameserverkings you can opt to pay per month, or for a longer period which lets you save some money. With month to month pay you can always leave us, should you not be satisfied with the services we provide, as there is no contract lock in. In fact, there are no contracts at all.

Now you know why we're the best, why not take a look at the list of available games?

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