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Avorion is a next generation voxel space simulator, build your ships from a single block or have an entire fleet under your control, build space stations and conquer the galaxy. Number of players
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Avorion is a procedural co-op space sandbox that offers freedom in nearly every aspect of game play. You start with a mining ship and work your way up to building ships that can only be described as colossal, many weapon varieties, full factional warfare and diplomacy system, you fight and make alliances and trade resources!

You can build ships block by block with dynamically resizable elements, you can create many complex ships comprised of shapes only limited by Avorion's own game engine. 

You can wage massive wars compromising over multiple ingame sectors, with as many combatants.

Take the fight to the mysterious Alien invaders who inhabit the center of the galaxy!

With a gameserverkings.com Avorion server, it couldn't be any easier to run an entire galaxy, with our hosting service it's just one click away. And the best part of it all is that if you ever run into any problems, our 24-7 support service will help you resolve it right away. 

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We believe so much in our services that we offer a 24 hour no-questions-asked refund policy. Should you not be satisfied with our services, we will provide you with a full refund.

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Our Customer Support is available 24-7 to help you with any issue you may have. If you have any problems with our services, we'll fix it for you right away!

Server specifications

Each of our servers comes with AT LEAST (but very often even better) the following specs:

  • 64 GB of RAM.
  • Multiple SSDs, ensuring your server is very fast and letting you store even your biggest maps.
  • A Quad-core CPU with at least 3.6GHZ clock speed.
  • 24/7 runtime.
  • No lag.

If you are looking to move from another host, we can help you do this free of charge. Simply contact support after your purchase and we'll take care of moving your files over to us.

If you have any questions, make sure to check out our Avorion knowledge base or simply contact us.

If you require advice or assistance with placing an order or with your server, please contact our 24-7 live support by clicking the button in the right bottom corner of this webpage.

Amazon Pay

Your server will be delivered instantly after your payment.