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Minecraft is one of the first and biggest voxel games, a pixel sandbox where you can create anything you like!

Explore, build, experience and fight your way in your own world. Shape it with your friends, and battle against monsters and players in your own world.

Minecraft can be played in many different ways: Survive as a lone explorer, where a virtually unlimited world is against you. Or create your own world, and shape everything to your will, like gods. You can even install special maps and gamemodes, where you can follow a quest or adventure, or face tricky survival challenges.

Join with your friends on our Minecraft Server Hosting services, and experience a great online server with amazing uptime and features.

Use our custom control panel to manage every aspect of your server, including the installation of dozens of mods and plug-ins made to make your Minecraft adventure even better! Customize your map, make multiplayer gamemodes, create your own quests, anything is possible with our plug-ins.

Your own minecraft server is just as easy as one click of a button, easy to manage, and if you ever run into any problems at all, we will support you at any time of the day. Choose from two server locations over the world to get the best connection, and start playing!

Looking for our prices? Find them on the 'Order now' page, and select your options. Choose from a range of payment plans, each with it's own benefits and great offers for returning customers!

Start your Minecraft adventure today, and get a server instantly when you order one now!

  • 99.9% Uptime Highly Scalable Custom Plugins Dozens of game modes Control Panel Custom Commands Custom Maps And so much more!

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