How to gain administrator status

In this guide, we're going to run through how to make your steam account an administrator on your Avorion server. This guide proceeds with the assumption you have an existing Avorion server in good working condition.

First, we're gonna need to locate where your galaxy installation files, 

For customers this is generally (unless galaxy name has been changed): /data/galaxies/avorion_galaxy/

You'll then need to create the file "admin.xml",  now we're gonna need to determine what the steamid64 is for the new administrator, there are many ways go about this however in this guide we will be using the service:

Next look for something like this

Enter in your steam nickname or steam profile link and hit 'lookup', you'll then be provided with your steamid64.

Next w,e're gonna go back to "admin.xml" 

place this text within it, customized to your needs, if you have less than one admin simply add another row, be sure to replace id's value with your steamid64

<admin name="admin" id="xx.replaceme.xx"/> 

Save the file and restart your server and voila, you have admin rights!