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Factorio Admin Command List

In this guide, you will be able to find a lot of useful commands you can use in your factorio server.

Here is a list of all admin commands usable within factorio, We highly suggest you check out the wiki page as well. Wiki is the source of this guide and has more information then there is listed here.

Command Example Description
<message> Hi there Console commands that don't start with a slash (/) will be sent to the server as text messages.
/admin /admin This will open the player management GUI
/ban <player> <reason> /ban ADX5012 for breaking rules This will ban the specified player with the specified reason. The reason is optional.
/config <get/set> <option> <value> /config set password 1066 Gets or sets various multiplayer game settings.
/delete-blueprint-library <player> /delete-blueprint-library everybody confirm This command will delete the blueprint library storage for the specified offline player from the save file. Typing "everybody confirm" will delete it for every offline player.
/promote /promote ADX5012 Promotes a user to admin.
/demote /demote ADX5012 Demotes a user from admin.
/kick /kick ADX5012 for breaking server rules This will kick a user from the server.
/mute /mute ADX5012 This command will mute a player, muted players are unable to use the server chat.
/open /open ADX5012 Opens the specified user's inventory.
/purge /purge ADX5012 Deletes all the messages sent by the specified user.
/server-save /server-save Saves the world server-side.
/swap-players /swap-players <player> <player> Switches the position of a player, if two players are targeted they will swap places.
/unban /unban <player> Unbans the specified player. (player can join the server again)
/unmute /unmute <player> Unmutes the specified player. (player can talk in the chat again)

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