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Changing the Default Factorio Map

You may want to change the default map loaded by your Factorio server for a variety of reasons, and this article will show you how to do just that. Changing a Factorio Map on a GameServerKings.com Factorio server is fairly easy and can be done within the File Manager or via FTP. Head over to your GameServerKing Manager Panel to get started


Change via File Manager

  1. Stop your server - files may get corrupted if you do this while the server is running
  2. Click your File Manager, then navigate to your Saves folder
  3. Download the 'default.zip' file and save it somewhere on your computer. Keep this as a backup!
  4. Delete 'default.zip' from your Saves folder
  5. Click the Upload button in the top left and choose the save file you wish to use
  6. Rename the newly uploaded save .zip file to 'default.zip'
  7. Start your server

Change via FTP

Follow the same steps as above, only using your FTP client instead of the File Manager. The location and names of the files will be the same. You can find your FTP login info in the Service Information tab of your Manager Panel. It is clearly labeled as 'FTP' in the list.

Factorio FTP Info