How to: Change your PixARK Server Name

In PixARK you can change your servers listed name to help players find your server. It's very easy to do so. Just follow this guide and you'll know everything about the Command Manager and how to change your PixARK server name.

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In a PixARK Server, you can simply do this by finding the "Command Manager" within your GameServerKings Server Management Panel as seen below:

Click that icon, then once you're in the area, create a new custom command line by clicking "New" as highlighted in this screenshot:

Go ahead and fill in the respective information you'd like to edit, here's an example:

Once you have edited the settings to your liking, go ahead and click "save".

After that you will be returned to the command manager view, go ahead and click "select" on the new command line you just created.

After this, simply restart your server and your changes will take effect once the server has completed restarting.