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How to: Configure the Admin Radar Plugin

Before we get started there will be a couple of things you'll need to do:

First, install Oxide on your server. It's very easy, just requires one click! Read our guide on how to install Oxide.

Next, you will need to download the Admin Radar plugin from UMod located here, and then follow our how to install oxide plugins guide.

You must install Admin Radar in the correct directory to run. Once you've installed Admin Radar, manually reset your server to generate plugin configuration files.

Basic Explanation

Admin Radar is a widely used tool. It allows you to see players and entities inside buildings. It gives you a great advantage in detecting cheaters by drawing on your screen their position and various useful bits of information. This guide will provide you with the basics to install and enable the use of Admin Radar.


The first thing you'll need to do once the plugin is on your server and loaded is assigning your user groups permission to use it.

You can run the following as an admin in-game via F1 or by RCON.

Granting Access

oxide.grant user STEAMID adminradar.allowed - This grants the user access to the /radar command

You could also run this command for a group such as your admin.

oxide.grant group admin adminradar.allowed - This grants the group admin access to the /radar command

WARNING: This permission temporarily grants admin to the user in order to enable it. Only give this to users you trust.

Automatic Enabling

oxide.grant group admin - This will make it so the radar is automatically turned on as soon as your admin joins the server.

Changing Distance and Refresh Rate

Take for example you're closely following a cheater - you won't need to see stuff 1000M away, but you could benefit with faster update times of the radar.

/radar 0.1 300 - this will make the radar update every 0.1s but only draw things in a radius of 300m

/radar 1 1000 - this will make the radar update every 1s but only draw things in a wide radius of 100m

Changing Between Drawn Entities

You can toggle the displayed entities by using the UI that displays when you toggle the radar on

Other Useful Commands

/radar vision - See where players are looking

/radar online - Only draw online players

/radar buildings - Draws buildings without TCs

/radar drops - Draws all dropped items including Bear Traps and Landmines


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