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How to Connect to Your Rust Server

There are 2 ways to connect to your Rust Server, and we'll be showing you both.

Method 1: Direct Connection

This method will not show your server in your history. Follow method 2 if you want this to make connecting a lot faster in the future.

The first option is to directly connect to your server via the console. But first, we need a server IP and port. Head over to your management panel, and find your connection info.

While on the game, Press F1 to open the console and type client.connect IP:port

Pressing enter will start loading your game, assuming your server is running!


Method 2: Search for Server

This method is a bit more convenient, as it will display on your History when you join, so you can rejoin it later a lot faster. To do so, from the Play Game Menu, use the Search Servers box to look your server up by name.

If you're unable to find your server, keep in mind that it may not always show immediately, and you'll have to use method 1 to connect for now. The server identification process can take up to 48 hours. 

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