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How to: Revoke Server Admin Rust

Every server owner has experienced a situation that requires you to remove an admin. Sometimes it's due to toxic or abusive behavior, other times it's a simple as an admin moving on to better things. This guide goes over multiple ways to handle this situation so that you keep your server safe.

Revoking Server Admin Rights

Method One: Console

If you are to remove an admin via RCon or game console, usually, the situation is an emergency. The first thing you will need is the user's steam ID. You can do so by issuing the following command in rust:

status "Username"

This will pull up the following information:

[table id=54 /]

From there, simply run the following commands:

If Moderator
removemoderator "Steam64ID"
If Owner
removeowner "Steam64ID"

Lastly, save the server's user.cfg file:


Method Two: Config File

To remove an admin from your config file, all you will need to do is remove them from your users.cfg file. You will have to know their Steam64ID first. To find their Steam64ID, simply log into the server or an rcon instance and use the status command, as mentioned in Method One. Once you have the user's SteamID. Simply log into TCAdmin at then go to your server's control panel. From here, we will be going to the Configuration Files section,

then open the users.cfg file by clicking "[ Text Editor ]".

From here, simply find the line that has the admin or moderator's Steam64ID, and delete the entire line. Save the file, then you can either reboot your server, or reload your config by typing the following commands either in-game or via RCon:


It's recommended to run a writecfg command after readcfg, as that appears to push an update to the steam connection servers.

Last Steps | Cleaning Up

All that's left now is to kick the user to revoke the user's admin powers. To do this, use the following command over Rcon or in game:

kick "Username/SteamID64"

When the user logs back in, they will find that their Admin/Moderator powers have been revoked. They may flame, in many cases, that may have negative consequences on the population of your server due to this event stirring up drama, so if you choose you may mute the user like so:

mute "Username/Steam64ID"

This will mute them in the in-game chat, as well as voice chat. At this point, there's no way for this admin to flame. If you wish, you may also ban them depending on their access to your server. There are two ways to ban a user. You can ban the user by username or steamID. If you ban a user via their username, a global message will be announced that the user was banned for the reason given. If you ban the user via SteamID, this will be silent. The user will be denied access to the server for the reason given every time they attempt to log in. The commands to do so are as follows:

ban "Username" "reason (optional)"

banid "Steam64ID" "reason (optional)"

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