RUST | Inventory.giveto Not Working? Simple Fix!

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Recently, we've received quite a few support desk inquiries about a bug which has been happening to a large number of our users. They claim that their invientory.giveto command does not work. After verifying that they're properly inputting the command, it continues to not work. Every response we've seen on other websites is responded with either contempt, an assumption that the user is incorrect, or for them to install a plugin that does the job. 


Upon further inspection, we've found this to be an issue with default UMod Oxide permissions. As you may already know, rust has vanilla admin commands that allow administrators to distribute items to users within their server. What we believe happens, is that vanilla permissions are either overwritten or were overlooked at one point in the installation process. The fix is simple, and only requires one command to be used by an administrator account on a server which has OxideMod. Simply press F1 and type:


oxide.grant group admin *


This will allow all members of your admin group the ability to access all commands on the server, returning the functionality as designed.