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How to Make Yourself Administrator

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As becoming a server admin can be a difficult process when done manually, we've offered a way to do this quickly and easily using your server management panel.

All you need to do is log in with your TCAdmin information provided to you by your verification email. From there, go to your Game Services tab and select your server. If you only have one server, you'll automatically go to its server management panel. From there, click on Add Administrator.

You'll be presented with a simple field. Just type in your steam name.

If you're unsure of your steam name, you can find it on the Steam Client by clicking your name. Your steam name is in the address bar.

Click  then reboot your server to complete your changes. 

Now that you're an admin for your Rust server, you'll be able to use console commands to administrate users. For a list of admin commands, check out our list of admin commands for rust.

Alternative Solution

There is another way you can make yourself administrator by editing the server's configuration files. This process is a bit harder and more involved, so if you're looking for a slight challenge, then strap in and read on!

First thing you'll need, is your Steam ID. This is not the same as your steam name!

A fast way to get this, is to Log In with Steam on SteamID I/O. This button can be found in a couple places on the website but looks like this:

Next, you'll be presented with this page. Yours may look slightly different depending if you're logged into steam via web browser or not.

Clicking Sign In will bring you back to their website. In their navbar, you'll see your avatar. Click this then click "Profile" in the dropdown menu.

The page it takes you to will present you with information related to your steam account. The relevant information we need is your steamID64. This is a numerical value. Click the icon on the right side to copy this to your clipboard. You'll need this for the next step.

Next, head to your management panel and click Configuration Files.

Locate the users.cfg and click [ Text Editor ] to the right.

By defailt this should be blank. To add yourself as an administrator, type in the following line:

ownerid "YOURID"

And paste in the ID you copied to your clipboard. Example:

ownerid "123123123123123"

Once done, save the file and click . Restart your server and you should now be administrator!

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