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How to upload a custom map to GitHub

So you've just purchased or found yourself a custom map, but how do you install it on your Rust server? In this guide we will cover the entire process of installing any custom map to your very own server.

To start, you will need to obtain a custom map. Some good places to find them are:


Upload a custom map using GitHub

Preparing & Hosting Your Map File

Once you've downloaded your new custom map, it may come in a .zip file. In that case you need to extract the contents of the archive to your desktop first.

Then you should be able to locate a .map file there. You now need a way to host the map, and in this guide we will cover using GitHub for that.

If you are not registered there yet, you can do this here: Once you are in your account, create a new repository as shown below.

When creating it, you can choose any name you like.

Make sure it's set to Public so that the map can be downloaded.

Then you have to hit the Create repository button.

Once it is created, you can upload your maps there using the text saying uploading an existing file:

From there you will need to choose or drag and drop your .map file.

Afterwards hit the green Commit changes button.

If that is done, you are half way there! Congratulations. Now click on the name of the file you have just uploaded.

There you will be able to use the Raw button to copy the file link. Hit Right Click - Copy Link.

You can upload more maps to GitHub this way, though in that case note that you do not need a new repository - you can use the existing one and simply add more files to it if you ever want to.

Now that you have the map link copied, go into TC Admin. There you need to find the Mod Manager first.

Most maps require Rust Edit to work, therefore you need to find the line with it and hit Install on the right. (Note that if you do not have Oxide installed yet, you will need to install it as well)

Now you need to enter the map link you have copied earlier. This is done in the Commandline Manager.

Select the commandline that is called Custom Map (Other Link).

Here you only need to paste your custom map link and hit Apply - that should be it! The server will automatically restart with your new map.

Common Problems

If your server does not boot properly after installing the map, you may have made a mistake somewhere, or the custom map file is outdated or broken. The best way to know for sure would be opening the Web Console in TC Admin - restart your server and look for errors there.

Removing Map Files

It is often a good idea to delete any .map files. If the file name was not changed, the server will keep loading the existing file, even if you have updated it. Therefore you need to go into the File Manager, nagivate to the /server/myserver/ folder and delete any .map files.

Note that deleting the .map files is safe! Your actual saves and buildings are in the .sav files. So as long as you only delete the .map files, you will not lose anything in the game.



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