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How To Restore From An Automatic Backup

Space Engineers will automatically save backups for you as you're playing. Restoring from the backups is as simple as moving some files.

If you are experiencing the "The world cannot be loaded..." error, this is the first thing you should try. Most of the time, this error results from a corrupted save file, and restoring a backup will fix the issue. 


Locating Your Backups

Before we begin, make sure that your server is turned off before making any changes to files!

Firstly you will want to find the folder that your game is saved in. Do this by heading over to your GameServerKings Management Panel. Select your game service, and open the File Manager. Find the "WORLD" folder and open it, then the "Saves" folder.

Here you should find all of your saved world files. Select the folder of the save that you want to restore, then open the "Backup" folder inside of it. You should see the five latest backups of your server, with their date and times listed. Open the folder of the backup that you want to restore.

Transfering Backup Files

Once inside your backup folder, select all of the files inside and click the "Create Zip" button at the top. This will create a .zip file within the folder. Use the globe icon beside the new .zip file to download it to your computer.

With your newly downloaded file in hand, make your way back to your world file (the one named after your world). You should see the "Backup" folder at the top, with some other files below it. Select all of these files (not your "Backup" folder!) and delete them. 

Click the Upload button, and upload the .zip file that we just downloaded. Once it has been uploaded, click the Extract button to the right of the globe icon. This will extract all the contents of that file into your folder. With all the new files in place, select the .zip file and delete it.

Booting Up

Once you've completed the steps above, you will have deleted your corrupted files and replaced them with the proper functioning backup files. Exit the File Manager and click the "Start" button to turn your server back online.

This fresh backup should clear up most issues with your server not loading properly, or resolving the "The world cannot be loaded..." error message.

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