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How To Connect To A Starbound Server


Management Panel

You've just finished setting up your server, and now you want to play, but how do you do that? It's super easy to get right into the action. All you have to do is go to your GameServerKings Server Management Panel, and login with your TCAdmin login you received in your verification email. From there, click "Game Services" listed within the "Game & Voice Serivces" tab on the navbar to the left. From there, find your "Connection IP."

Connecting To Your Server

Now copy your Connection IP and Port, and boot up your copy of Starbound. Once it's loaded up, click "Join Game" on the title screen.

Join Game

Follow the on-screen instructions to make your character and choose your name. This character will be your "account" and you can use more than one to log in with if you choose. Select your difficulty, and press "Done" when you're ready.

Character Creation Screen

Now you'll be promtped to enter the Server IP and Port. If you have an admin account, log in with your administrator username and password.

login prompt

Double check that the info you entered is correct, then click "Join Server" and you'll be added to the game!


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