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How to use the RCON / Console

The RCON is a must-have for every good Starbound Server. It can show errors, run commands without joining the Server, and much more. It can even be accessed through your phone! Here are some helpful tips and tricks for using RCON.


Opening the RCON

    1. Visit your GSK Manager at

    2. Sign in with the TCAdmin login information you received in your signup email.

    3. Press Game Services on the left side of the control panel.

    4. Click your Starbound Server.

    5. Now press Web Console.

    6. Enter your Password from the client area.


If you've followed the above steps properly, you can now enter Commands:


Basic Commands

Here are some basic commands that you should know:

list - shows how much players are online.

ban <playername> - can ban a player.

kick <playername> - throws the player from the server.

pvp - shows you if PvP is active or not.

spawnitem - spawns an item.

completequest - completes your current quest.

 There are many more commands! use /help to see everything RCON has to offer.


Finding an error

If you're experiencing an error with your Starbound server, the RCON can almost always find the issue. Most of the time it will be able to fix these errors with just a simple restart.

If this doesn't help, just contact us with the error message and we will help you out. Have fun testing out your commands!

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