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Now that you've created your admin account on your Team Fortress 2 server, you will be able to execute admin commands. Some mods may require a plugin to use, as these are some of the most popular commands used, most mods support these commands. Below is a list of all admin commands which are powered by SourceMod and supported by most plugins.


These commands are for targeting players, for example, sm_voteban @all because I said so



#userid Targets a user based off their in-game id
#"steamid" Targets a user based off their steam ID within quotation marks
#name Targets a user based on their in-game name
@all Targets all users
@bots Targets all bots
@alive Targets all alive players
@dead Targets all dead players
@humans Targets all players which are not bots
@aim Targets the player you are aiming at
@me Targets yourself
@!me Targets everyone but yourself
@red Targets all members of the Red team
@blue Targets all members of the Blue team

Administration Commands

Commands which are mainly for server administration. 

Command With Syntax


sm_addban <steamid>[reason] Adds a user to server-side Source client ban list
sm_admin Displays the admin menu
sm_ban<#userid or name><time or 0>[reason] Bans a user by their userid or name for the listed amount of time and listed reason. If the time value is 0 it will be a permanent ban.
sm_banip<ip or #userid or name><time>[reason] Bans a username based on their IP. 
sm_cancelvote Cancels all votes in progress
sm_cvar <cvar>[value] Retrieves or changes a cvar value. 
sm_execcfg <filename> Executes a config file. You can run multiple config file setups this way.
sm_help [pagination] Lists all admin commands
sm_kick <#userid or name>[reason] Kicks a player from the server
sm_map <map> Changes the map your server has active
sm_rcon <argument> Executes rcon argument via RCON.
sm_reloadadmins Refreshes the Admin cache from all sources
sm_unban <steamid or ip> Unbans a Steam ID or IP
sm_who [arg left blank or #userid or username] Lists all users and their access rights


Plugin Dependent Commands

Commands which may be dependent on certain plugins over others.

Command With Syntax


sm_beacon <target> Adds a ring around the target making the target visible.
sm_burn <target> [time] Sets the target on fire for a specific amount of time
sm_chat <message> Sends a chat to all admins
sm_csay <message> Sends a message to all characters
sm_gag <target> Mutes the character
sm_hsay <message> Sends a hint message to all players
sm_msay <message> Sends a message as a menu panel within a radio menu
sm_mute <target> Prevents the target from using voice chat
sm_play <target> <file> Plays a sound file on the server to the selected target
sm_psay <target> <mesasge> Sends a private chat to the selected target
sm_rename <#userid or name> Changes the name of the player
sm_resetcvar <cvar> Resets cvar value back to default
sm_say <message> Sends a chat message to all players
sm_silence <target> Performs a chat and voice mute on the target
sm_slap <target> [damage] applies damage to a specific target
sm_slay <target> Kills target
sm_tsay [color] <message> Sends a top left message to all players. Default color is white.
sm_ungag <target> Removes a gag on a specific target
sm_unmute <target> Unmutes a specific target
sm_unsilence <target> Removes a gag and a mute on a specific target


Voting Commands

Commands which are used for server-wide voting

Command With Syntax


sm_vote <question> [ans1][ans2][ans3]etc Starts a vote with the given arguments. If you leave answers blank, it will post "Yes" or "No" using the target language settings.
sm_votealltalk Starts a vote to change the value of sv_alltalk
sm_voteban <target> [reason] Starts a vote to ban a player for 30 minutes
sm_voteoff Starts a vote to change the value of mp_friendlyfire
sm_votegravity <amount>[amount2][amount3]etc Starts a vote to change the value of sv_gravity
sm_votekick <target> [reason] Starts a vote to kick a specific target
sm_voteburn <target> Starts a vote to burn a specific target
sm_votemap <map> [map2][map3] Starts a vote to change the map
sm_voteslay <target> Starts a vote to slay a specific target

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