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Installing RocketMod for Unturned

Installing RocketMod for Unturned

RocketMod Plugin Manager

Installing RocketMod with GameServerKings has never been easier, RocketMod is a plugin manager for Unturned that allows you to get extra mileage out of your server. By following these simple steps you'll be running a RocketMod Powered server in no time.

First, head to your GameServerKings Game Server Management panel. Login with your TCAdmin information sent to you in your server verification email, and make your way to "Game Services." When there you'll see a screen similar to what you see below. Click on Mod Manager.

Next, within your Mod Manager, click [Install] under Rocket Mod

Finally, you will be prompted with a window that looks simiar to what is pictured below. Once your installer has finished installing, just restart your server from your "Game Services" panel and you're done! You now own a Rocket Mod powered Unturned server.