Gameserverkings (AS26863) Peering Policy

Peering Requirements

  • You have a publicly routable ASN
  • You have atleast a /24 ipv4 subnet or a /48 ipv6 subnet
  • You maintain a valid and up-to-date PeeringDB Entry.
  • You have a 24/7 NOC who are easily reachable in the event of routing issues.
  • Peer with us in every peering facility we have in common.
  • You will not point a static route to us or route traffic for prefixes we do not advertise to you. We use strict uRPF to enforce this.
  • We don't have a minimum traffic requirement. However small peers (100mbps at 95th percentile) we only peer with through the IX peering fabric.

Peering Filter Policy

Customer Filter Policy

BGP Communities

  • are customer only communities.
  • Communities marked with are available for peers.
  • RPKI and origin communities are purely informational.

DDoS Mitigation

26863:911 Force a prefix through the DDoS mitigation systems. Manually invoking this community is not recommended.


26863:666 Blackhole a specific /32 prefix

Do Not Export

26863:905 Only announce to GTT (AS3257)
26863:714 Do not announce prefix to Cogent / AS174
26863:603 Do not announce prefix to Hurricane Electric / AS6939
26863:602 Do not announce prefix to Comcast / AS7922
26863:601 Do not announce prefix to DE-CIX (DFW) public peering fabric