PixARK Server Troubleshooting Guide

Welcome to the super guide on how to troubleshoot your PixARK server, PixARK is a very new and exciting game, created with a voxel approach to the same content and play style as "Ark Survival Evolved".

This guide will be broken up into segments to better illustrate problem scenarios and how to easily solve it yourself.

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Scenario I "My server doesn't show up on the in-game server List!"

This can be a number of things, most often being you have not customized your server beyond the default settings.

Fix: Initial PixARK Server Configuration

If the fix above does not address the issue, next try running a ‘Steam Update’ on both the player’s computer for PixARK and the PixARK server itself.

Additionally, the delay boot time for PixARK to show on a server list is on average around 10 minutes.


Scenario II “My server has lag, why is it lagging?”
PixARK is a game engine that steadily gets more cumbersome as you have more events, actions, players, you name it within an area. The more of anything, the more the server will begin to degrade.

Fix: Clean up some old objects, buildings, entities… etc, or reset your map.


This guide will be regularly updated with new scenarios and quick fixes for PixARK.