Initial Server Setup: PixARK

PixARK is one of the few games at that requires additional setup to show up on the public server lists. If you want to have as many people join you as possible it's very important to apply these settings! Follow this guide exactly and you'll end up on the official server list in no time.

This guide is made for GameServerKings customers. If you are not a customer, we'd love for you to join the PixARK Hosting team!

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To begin we recommend following the "How to: Change Your PixARK Server Name" guide by following the link, as you will need to reference this guide later.

After you have your Command Line information set up, begin by executing a 'Steam Update' from your GameServerKings Game Server Management panel. Log-in by using your UserID and your TCAdmin password sent to you in the email you received after your purchase. Click on "Steam Update"

After your update is complete, exit out of the installer, and click on "Configuration Files." From there open "GameUserSettings.ini" with the text editor.

Now you must find and replace three values: ServerAdminPassword and ServerPassword will be at the top of your file. SessionName will be at the very bottom as seen in this picture.

You MUST ensure that both the SessionName and the ServerAdminPassword are set to be exactly the same as your Command Line configuration. ServerAdminPassword is your "Superadmin password" and SesionName is the "Server List Name" You can compare my values and see if you're still stuck.

After you have edited the files to your liking, simply restart your server and after 5 to 8 minutes the server will appear on the public server list with the new details.