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How to: Configure the StackSizeController Plugin

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Before we get started there will be a couple of things you'll need to do:

First, install Oxide on your server. It's very easy, just requires one click! Read our guide on how to install Rust Oxide


Next, you will need to download the StackSizeController plugin from UMod located here, and then follow our how to install oxide plugins guide.


You must install StackSizeController in the correct directory to run. Once you've installed StackSizeController, manually reset your server to generate plugin configuration files.

Basic Explanation

StackSizeController lets you modify the total amount items and resources in the game stack up to. This is very helpful for high gather rate servers where 1000 wood max just doesn't suffice.

Basic Permissions

The first thing you'll need to do once the plugin is on your server and loaded is assign your admin permission to use it.

You can run the following as an admin in-game via F1 or by RCON.

Set Stack Permission

oxide.grant group admin stacksizecontroller.setstack

Now your admins will be able to set the stack limit using the stacksizecontroller.setstack <item shortname or id> <stack limit or multiplier> command

Set Category Stack Permission

oxide.grant group admin stacksizecontroller.setstackcat

Now your admins will be able to set the stack limit of an entire category of items using the stacksizecontroller.setstackcat <category name> <stack multiplier> command

Set All Stacks Permission

oxide.grant group admin stacksizecontroller.setallstacks

Now your admins will be able to set the stack limit of ALL items using the sstacksizecontroller.setallstacks <stack multiplier> command

Search Permissions

Item Search Permission

oxide.grant group admin stacksizecontroller.itemsearch

Now your admins will be able to search all items and their stack sizes using the stacksizecontroller.itemsearch <full or partial item name> command

List Category Permission

oxide.grant group admin stacksizecontroller.listcategories

Now your admins will be able to list the category stack sizes using the stacksizecontroller.listcategories command

List Category Items Permission

oxide.grant group admin stacksizecontroller.listcategoryitems

Now your admins will be able to list the items and their stack sizes in a category using the stacksizecontroller.listcategoryitems <exact category name> command

Command Usage Examples

Now your permissions have been set you can start running commands in-game via F1 or by RCON..

Set wood to 10000

stacksizecontroller.setstack wood 1000

Set ALL stacks to 20000

stacksizecontroller.setallstacks 20000

Set everything in Resources to 50000

stacksizecontroller.setallstacks 50000

Things to be careful of

The stack size of your low grade fuel is DIRECTLY TIED to the fuel that spawns with purchased vehicles.

For Example: If you set it to 10,000 when you purchase a minicopter from AirWolf it will come with 2000 LGF. Be aware of this.

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