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Adding Vanish

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Before we get started there will be a couple of things you'll need to do:
First, install Oxide on your server. It's very easy, just requires one click! Read our guide on how to install Rust Oxide
Next, you will need an account. You can log in with your steam information or make a new account.
Finally, download the Vanish plugin from oxide mod located here.
Now that you've downloaded Vanish, follow our How to install oxide plugins guide.

You must install Vanish in the correct directory to run. Once you've installed Vanish, manually reset your server to generate plugin configuration files.

Basic Explanation

Vanish is a commonly used admin plugin to hide from players while investigating them. It has the advantage of not networking your character so most players using ESP cannot see you.


The first thing you'll need to do once the plugin is on your server and loaded is assigning your admin permission to use it.

You can run the following as an admin in-game via F1 or by RCON.

oxide.grant group admin vanish.allow

Now your admins will be able to toggle vanish on and off using the /vanish command

Permissions Extended

There are also some further permissions you can assign to your admin but aren't generally required, these are run in the same way as the above permission and are as follows:

vanish.unlock - This will allow you and your admin to unlock anything while vanished.

vanish.damage - This will allow you and your admin to damage players and entities while vanished

vanish.permanent- This forces everyone with the permissions into vanishing permanently

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