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How to use the Commandline Manager

The commandline manager is used to change various server settings. By using the commandline manager, you are able to change the name of your server, the size of your world, what map you’d like ingame, and much more!


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Getting started

In this guide, we'll explain how to use the command line manager. But before we do so, make sure you are logged into your TCAdmin manager panel and selected your server. From there, you'll see the main screen where you can stop/start your server.

Using the manager, and making changes

From the main screen, you can see a lot of buttons. One of them is called "Commandline Manager". This is where we want to go. Click the Commandline Manager button.

Image of control panel, the command line manager is highlighted

Once you are looking at our Commandline Manager panel, you'll see multiple pre-defined default configurations and you'll have multiple predefined command line setups available to you. Click on any of the predefined command lines to edit them. and configure them to your needs.

The commandline manager.

The command line we are going to use is "New server" but we'll explain what every command line does first,

- Default: The default configuration, this will be automatically selected.
- Custom Map Download: This command line is used to download a map from a specific URL, Don't use this unless told.
- New Server: The most-used command line for new servers. In here you can change your RCON password, hostname, seed, and world size.
- Custom map dropbox: This command line is used to download a map from a dropbox link.

Now, on the "New server" command line, click "Select". You are greeted with a screen that looks like this (see image below). For example, if I'd want to change my server name to "RustDedicated||Online 24/7" I would change the value of key "Hostname:" to "RustDedicated||Online 24/7" and then click "Apply".

Image of the "New Server" predefined commandline

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