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Rust Server Plugin Guide: MagicLoot by Norm

If you like playing with vanilla loot tables, this guide isn't for you. In this guide, we'll explain to you how to install, configure, and use the Magic Loot plugin for Rust Oxide servers. It seems like a lot, but trust me, it's way easier than it looks. Give this article a read and you'll understand and have a reference for all things MagicLoot.

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Before we get started there will be a couple things you'll need to do:
First, install Oxide on your server. It's very easy, just requires one click! Read our guide on how to install UMod Oxide
Next, you will need a account. Register for free on their website.
Finally, download the MagicLoot plugin from oxide mod located here.
Now that you've downloaded MagicLoot, follow our How to install UMod Oxide plugins guide. You must install MagicLoot in the correct directory to run. Once you've installed MagicLoot, manually reset your server to generate plugin configuration files.


Plugin Configuration Guide

Okay, now that everything is downloaded and installed, it's time to configure your drop tables.

Step one is to log into your GameServerKings Game Server Management panel with the TCAdmin info you received in your verification email. From there, go to your file manager and locate /oxide/config/MagicLoot.json.

Now that you've found your MagicLoot.json (magic loot configuration file) we're going to need to edit it. Click on the pencil next to the file to open the text editor.
File within file manager

MagicLoot Settings Config

Once inside, there are many values, but it's easy to break down into individual levels. 
At the top of the file you will see some code that looks like this:

  "_Settings": {
    "DisableBlueprintDropMultiplier": true,
    "ForceRefreshDisabledCratesOnLoad": false,
    "ItemListMultiplier": 1,
    "Multiplier": 1,
    "MultiplyOnlyItemList": false,
    "RandomWorkshopSkins": true,
    "ReportMissingConfigCrates": true

These are your basic MagicLoot settings. To change what these do, just change the value after the colon. For example: "ItemlistMultiplier": 2, would set all items in the "itemlist" group to a 2x drop-rate. Below is a list of these values and all they do. If a value is not listed, this is because the Plugin Author has not defined these values and are assumed do nothing, or may break the plugin if changed. Just don't touch them! (This may change as time goes on, we plan to be in contact with the developer shortly to further enhance this guide.)


Value Type


DisableBlueprintDropMultiplier true/false When set to true, this will disable blueprints from being multiplied.
ForceRefreshDisabledCratesOnLoad true/false when set to true, this will refresh all loot container's loot even if disabled in config files. 
ItemListMultiplier Integer value This changes the item drop multiplier for all items in the "itemlist" group. (we'll get more into that later) 
Multiplier Integer value This value changes the item drop multiplier for all other items not listed in the "itemlist" group. 
ReportMissingConfigCrates true/false This will report if an item crate spawns which is not on this list. Set to "false" if you are working with mods that allow you to create drop crates outside of this mod.


After this will be a block of code titled "Developer Debug" It's very important that you do not touch these settings. These were made by the developer of this plugin to debug his code. 

Exclude, ExcludeFromMultiplication and ExtraLoot Config

Next, we have "Exclude" and "ExcludeFromMultiplication" These exclude loot from this plugin if you changed the "Multiplier" value in the general settings code block. "Exclude" is for non-vanilla items, items you'd add in with other plugins, and "ExcludeFromMultiplication" is for vanilla items which you'd want to exclude from the multiplier. 

Next, we have "ExtraLoot", it should look something like this.

"ExtraLoot": {
    "Enabled": false,
    "ExtraItemsMax": 3,
    "ExtraItemsMin": 1,
    "ItemStackSizeMin": 1,
    "PreventDuplicates": false,
    "VanillaLootTablesOnly": true

These values change loot tables for all container types by adding random loot to them either by vanilla loot tables or modded loot tables. Below is a description of all values. An example of a change made would be: "ExtraItemsMin": 5, by changing this value, you've set the minimum extra items spawned in every container to 5. These items will be randomly generated from the vanilla loot table. Also, "ExtraItemsMax" should now be set to a value 5 or higher in this instance. 



Value Type


Enabled true/false Changing this value to "true"allows for spawning random items in chests.
ExtraItemsMax integer Changing this integer value changes the maximum amount of extra items to spawn in all chests
ExtraItemsMin integer Changing this integer value changes the Minimum amount of extra items to spawn in all chests.
ItemStackSizeMin integer This value changes the minimum stack size of items that spawn. It's recommended to leave this at "1"
PreventDuplicates true/false Changing this value to "true" will allow loot tables to drop duplicates of extra loot items.
VanillaLootTablesOnly true/false This value restricts random loot drops to vanilla items only. If you wish to include modded item drops as extra loot drops change this value to "false".

Item List Config

Next in the config file is the Item List. These are the items that "ItemListMultiplier" affects. By changing the Item list multiplier, you change the multiplier of all of these items. If you don't want to do it that way, you can change the multiplier on the individual items by changing the values of each item individually, if you wanted to tune your loot drops for example.

"ItemList";: {
    "list": {
      "bleach": 1.0,
      "ducttape": 1.0,
      "gears": 1.0,   
      "wood": 1.0

As you can see, if you wish to add an item all you must do is add a new line, type the name of the item inside quotation marks, add a colon, then a decimal type number, then add a comma. The final item does not receive a comma if it has one it will break the code. For example:

"rope": 2.0,
"wood": 1.0

Loot Container Config

The Loot Container Lists are nested within the "LootContainersEnabled" and then the "list" tags. Within these tags are all of your loot containers. All of these have the same values, and will be listed underneath. 

"LootContainersEnabled": {
    "list": {
      "bradley_crate": {
        "enabled": true,
        "minExtraItems": 0,
        "maxExtraItems": 0,
        "lootMultiplier": 1.0
      "crate_basic": {
        "enabled": true,
        "minExtraItems": 0,
        "maxExtraItems": 0,
        "lootMultiplier": 1.0

Within this area, all vanilla loot tables are listed. If you wish to change your settings, simply find the container name, and edit it. If you wish to streamline your loot tables you can add or remove loot tables as you wish. For Rust Loot table references you may visit our knowledge base article on this here: Rust Loot Containers (currently under construction!)


Value Type


enabled true/false This enables the spawning of the loot container type this is listed under.
minExtraItems decimal value This determines the minimum amount of extra items inserted into this container if "ExtraLoot" is enabled.
maxExtraItems decimal value this determines the maximum amount of extra items inserted into this container if "ExtraLoot" is enabled.
lootMultiplier decimal value The value of this variable changes the multiplier of your container type. 

If there's anything you think this article is missing you may contact us 24/7 via live chat so that we can make it better! Thanks for reading!

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