Oxide Permissions 101

Oxide Permissions 101

The permission system in Oxide handles controlling who can use specific commands and features which most plugins offer. You can input any of these commands within your console if you are logged in on an admin account. If you want to know how to set up an admin account, you should read our Knowledge Base article on how to set up an admin account in rust.

Once you finish reading that guide, we also recommend you skim through our Rust Knowledge Base. We make sure to only post content within our knowledge base which is updated every patch. You do not need to be a server owner to use the information in this guide, but we'd like you to check out our industry low prices. You can do so by visiting our Rust Server Renting Page.




oxide.grant user <name><permission> Grants a user a permission
oxide.revoke user <name><permission> Revokes a users permission
oxide.grant group <group><permission> Grants a group a permission
oxide.revoke group <group><permission> Revokes a groups permission
oxide.usergroup add <name><group> Adds a user to a group
oxide.usergroup remove <name><group> Removes a user from a group
oxide.group add <group> <"[Title]"><rank> Creates a new group Title and rank are optional depending on the circumstance.
oxide.group remove <group> Removes a group
oxide.group set <group><"[Title]"><rank> Sets the title or rank of a group.
oxide.group parent <parentgroup><childgroup> Setting the parent group of another group
oxide.show user <name> Shows a user's permissions
oxide.show group <group> Shows a group's members and permissions
oxide.show perm <permission>  Shows which user or group has a permission
oxide.show groups/perms Shows all groups or permissions
oxide.grant group <group> * Grants a group a wildcard. Wildcard simply means all. So this would grant the right to all permissions
oxide.grant user oxide.* Grants a user all permissions without adding them to the admin group.


Some Oxide Permisions Q&A:

Q: If I set a group's permissions, do all members within the group gain access to that permission?
A: Yes, all members within the admin group have admin permissions.

Q: Are there default groups?
A: Yes, the default groups are admin and user.


If there's anything else you would like to know, don't hesitate to contact us via 24/7 live chat to answer your problem :)