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How to set up a new Space Engineers World

Now that you've purchased your Space Engineers server, we know you'll want to hop into the game as soon as possible. But there is some setup required in order to play how you want. Here at GameServerKings, we try to make the new server configuration experience as simple as possible. With only a few small steps, you'll be exploring, harvesting, and colonizing the universe on your own Space Engineers journey in no time.


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Deleting The Default World

First, you must log in to your TCAdmin user panel using the information you received with your verification email. From there, you'll need to stop your server by pressing the stop button located underneath your server information.

Next, you'll need to delete the world which was automatically generated for you with the default configuration. This is required as with Space Engineers, configuration files are linked to your map file. If you choose to change your "Server Name" setting, it should generate a new save and reference that save file, but we recommend, due to storage size, to delete or backup your default/previous worlds. To do so is simple. Click on "File Manager" and within you'll find a folder titled "WORLDS." Navigate inside your WORLDS folder to find your Save folder. Select it by using the checkbox next to your "Save" folder, and delete it by pressing "Delete" above the file browser. You can also back up your world, by selecting "Create Zip" instead of deleting the folder and clicking on the icon of the earth. This will download your save folder, allowing you to delete your server version without worry.

Generate New World

Now that you've deleted your default world, you can edit your server configuration file to select new settings for your server. To do this, first, return to your server's default user panel. From there, go to "Configuration Files." Within your configuration files, find the file named "SpaceEngineers-Dedicated.cfg" and open it with the "Configuration Editor." 

Now you'll be able to select any settings which your server requires. To keep it simple, we've made some values only show when their dependent values are checked. For example, "Sun rotation in minutes" will not show if "Enable Sun Rotation" is not selected. Once you've finished editing your server settings, go ahead and save your configuration file by clicking the "Save" button located in the top left-hand corner of your screen.

From there, return to your server's default user panel and click on "Start" located underneath your server information. Now that you've edited your config files as you like them, a new world will generate with your new settings in place!

Now that you've generated your world for the first time, you're free to explore, gather resources from, or colonize your universe! Thanks for reading.

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