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Basic Command List for TShock Terraria

Depending on what plugins you're using, this list may change. This is the vanilla TShock Terraria command list. Always check /help ingame and it will list commands available to you.

To use commands, you may use an RCON service, or ingame on an admin account. For example, type /help to display a list of commands. To learn how to set up an admin account, read our article here: How to setup an administrator account on TShock Terraria.

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Command List



help Displays a list of commands
playing Shows the list of online players
clear clears the console window
exit Saves the server, then shuts it down.
exit-nosave Shuts the server down without saving
save Saves the server
kick <player> Kicks the specified user
ban <player> Bans the specified user
password Shows the servers password
password <password> By changing the password perameter, you can change the servers password
version Prints the version number
time Displays the game time
port Prints the listening port
maxplayers Print the maximum nubmer of players
say <message> Sends a message to all players
motd Displays the message of the day.
motd <message> Changes the message of the day.
dawn Sets ingame time to dawn
noon Sets ingame time to noon
dusk Sets ingame time to dusk
midnight Sets ingame time to midnight
settle Settles all water on server.


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