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How to Mod your Rust Server

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Rust can get pretty boring fast, especially if it's vanilla Rust. So this guide will be showing you how to mod your server! This can very easily be done once you've got a server via your management panel.

Step 1: Rust Oxide

First thing you'll need is Rust Oxide. Oxide is a plugins manager specifically for Rust that will enable the use of custom plugins. Navigate to your management panel and select Mod-Manager from the list of items on the page. 


In the mod manager, just simple look for Umod Rust Oxide, and click install! Make sure that you're not installing the dev version, as it may contain bugs or not work. 

Step 2: Installing a Plugin

Now the fun part, selecting and installing plugins! Oxide has a ton of plugins to choose from, and which ones to choose is up to you. You can find a list of available plugins for Oxide here:

Umod Oxide Plugins

Once you've found a plugin you want to use in your server, click the Download button on the right side of the page. This will give you a .CS file. 

Once you have the CS file, in your management panel, navigate to the file manager:

On this, navigate to the following directory: oxide/plugins


For now, this directory should be empty. To upload your CS file, click the button across the top of the file manager. This will open a dialog box with 3 slots to upload files. Click Choose File and select the downloaded CS file from the previous step. Click Upload when you have it selected to upload the file. 

Once uploaded, restart your server and your plugin will be loaded automatically!


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