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How To: Make Your Rust Server A Modded Server

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So you've played vanilla Rust until your fingers have fallen off and now you're tired of it. You want to upgrade the feel of your Rust Server so it feels new again. Say you're an admin and you just want more control over your server. All of these things are possible with a Modded server. All you need to create a modded server is to install Rust Oxide on your server and download plugins from the or Umod website.  This is all very easy to do and we have guides that show you how to do all of these things and more. 


How to install UMod Oxide with a GameServerKings server
How to install UMod Oxide Plugins on your GameServerKings server


If you follow both of those guides you'll be a master of oxide mod. We also have guides for some of the most popular Oxide Mods. These In-Depth Guides will explain to you how to use the mods, and also show you code breakdowns so that you understand how to truly edit the configuration files for the mod. These Guides This list will grow with time, so far we have guides for:


Kits | In-Depth Rust Plugin Guide
EasyChatCommands | In-Depth Rust Plugin Guide
MagicLoot | In-Depth Rust Plugin Guide


If you follow those mod guides, you'll be well on to your way of becoming the best server admin you can be!